Three bikers arrested after Twin Peaks shooting released on reduced bonds

Posted at 7:03 PM, May 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-01 08:58:40-04

Three bikers who were arrested following the Twin Peaks shooting were released from the McLennan County Jail on a reduced bond amount on Thursday.

Jonathan Lopez, Ryan Craft and Theron Rhoten each had a $1 million bond reduced to $25,000 each, a week before the Austin area bikers were scheduled to have bond reduction hearings.

Their attorney, Jonathan Sibley from the Waco Sibley Law Firm, said his clients didn't have a hearing in order to be released on Thursday. Instead, he negotiated a bond reduction with the District Attorney's Office, which was an agreement later approved by the courts.

"I was grateful that the [DA's office] was willing to consider what we had to say and basically who my clients are, and they were willing to work with us to reduce the bond where it is now, which is appropriate" said Sibley.

He said he was not surprised their bond was reduced on Thursday. 

"I don't think I anticipated every single bond remaining at a $1 million for the entire part of the case. I just think it takes some time to get through the evidence and work out what is reasonable and who deserves a reasonable deduction and who doesn't," said Sibley.

Sibley said he explained to the DA's office his clients have established jobs and community ties.

In addition, he said they are part of a motorcycle club called Vice Grip, which did not have any involvement with the Twin Peaks violence.

“In this situation, their situation, I think they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and that's what they have to deal with this and that's how the system has to work sometimes and that's what we are here to do,” said Sibley.

He said he understands the reasons for setting the bond originally at $1 million. That amount of money is prohibitive on anyone, but a $25,000 bond is more reasonable. In addition, he said that amount is not uncommon for someone charged for this type of case.

The three bikers were released, but they still have the same restrictions the two other previously released had, including wearing an ankle monitor and having a curfew and refraining from use alcohol or drugs. In addition, they can't associate with gang members, witnesses or victims.

Sibley said representing other clients from the suspects arrested after the Twin Peaks shooting is a possibility.

Sibley doesn't know if other lawyers will also attempt to reach agreements with the DA's office, but he said it is possible.