Local mom says school's 'Duck Dynasty' field day shirt a symbol of racism

Posted at 9:32 PM, May 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-22 09:32:35-04

A local mom is upset after two of her children came home from Fowler Elementary on Wednesday with shirts that have a controversial public figure on them.

Sue Crabtree, a mother of 5, said her first and third grade children's shirts show a logo with a member of the Robertson family from the popular show "Duck Dynasty" wearing a Dr. Seuss hat.

"I think folks should know by now 'Duck Dynasty'," Crabtree said. "At least one member of the group 'Duck Dynasty' has openly made racist comments, made LGBT comments that are very negative and I don't feel this is a good representation of our community."

Crabtree said her husband immediately called the school's administration. A woman answered and confirmed the theme of the shirt was "Duck Dynasty" and Dr. Seuss, but said no school official, including the coach who designed the logo, was available to talk.

Crabtree said her family moved from a place where they were personally affected by racism, to Killeen, where she's happy to be in a diverse neighborhood.

"I think people should embrace all the cultures in this community," Crabtree said. "There are so many of them and I find this a division. This is not what we should stand for here, and especially not in a school I love very much."

She also said the two theme's contradict one another because Dr. Seuss once made racist comments but...

"He turned the tables and apologized for his actions and wrote so many anti-racist stories and articles and yet they put a Dr. Seuss hat on top of what is a racist to me," Crabtree said,

Crabtree said she will not send her kids to field day on Friday with the shirts they were given by the school, but she will send one's she made with a more positive Dr. Seuss character, The Lorax.

"On the shirt it will say 'unless', because the story says unless you care a whole awful lot, nothing will get better," Crabtree said.

News Channel 25 reached out to Killeen ISD about the shirts, but have yet to get a response.