Fmr. General warns of attacks off post, in community

Posted at 5:38 PM, May 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-12 08:39:10-04

Security experts, including one former Fort Hood commanding general, are saying terrorist attacks inspired by ISIS propaganda could be directed at places off military installations and in nearby neighborhoods.

"I would worry about some of the off post establishments...," former Ft. Hood Commanding General Peter Chiarelli told Martha Raddatz on 'This Week, with George Stephanopolous,' ABC's Sunday political analysis show. "They are chalked full of soldiers on a Saturday or Sunday night and that's got to be a concern also."

Last week, the military raised the terror threat level to Protection Force Bravo. It's the third tier in a five level system designed by the Department of Homeland Security after the attacks on 9/11. Bravo level is the highest level to be set since 2011.

Ft. Hood has been the target of attacks in the past. The most notable were the mass shootings in 2009 and 2014. The first shooter inspired by foreign terror groups. There was also an attempted attack by an AWOL soldier in 2011, who was caught buying bomb ingredients at a Killeen gun store.

"I think the security levels with Ft. Hood and the combined force of [Killeen police] and Bell County. I'm pretty secure and feel safe here," Tanks Pub manager Sam Shaffer said.

But Bell County law enforcement say they aren't taking any chances under the new  heightened threat level. Carroll Smith from the Killeen Police Department said officials are in contact with Ft. Hood almost daily and train for terrorist attacks year round.

"We train for things like this constantly, so we will do what needs to be done in the event that there's a threat," Smith said.