Voters support majority of school bonds

Voters support majority of school bonds
Posted at 11:59 PM, May 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-10 01:02:00-04

On Saturday, voters in Central Texas approved the majority of the school district bonds proposed in our area.

Voters approved multimillion dollar bonds in Bremond, Franklin, Madisonville, Mexia, and Whitney. However, the bond for Clifton ISD failed.

The $11 million bond for a new sports complex in Whitney ISD passed after a 661 to 575 vote.

Superintendent Gene Solis said he is pleasantly surprised it passed. He said new athletic facilities near the middle and high school will not only benefit students, but the community as a whole.

After the bond's approval, homeowners with a house valued at $100,000 will now pay nearly $8 extra in taxes every month.

Solis said current facilities were built in the 1960s and nearly 80 percent of the students in the district participate in athletics.

"The kids will have new facilities and that just brings pride and all other kinds of things that the kids will have. That will bring new folks into the community, I believe” said Solis.

In Clifton, the majority of residents voted against the bond, 589 to 481. Clifton ISD was pursuing a $28 million bond for a new elementary school and a new auditorium.

Last year, the bond passed at first, but months later, after a lawsuit and an agreed judgment, it was determined the bond did not pass.

At least 300 additional voters went to the polls in Clifton, in comparison to 2014.

Voters News Channel 25 talked to after the results were released said they opposed it because of the tax hike. For a homeowner with a house valued at $100,000, this would have meant $15.58 extra per month.

In Mexia, voters approved two bonds totaling $15.5 million for maintenance repairs, security upgrades and educational improvements. After the approval, a person with a home valued at $55,000 will pay $8.80 extra in taxes per month. For a home valued at $85,000, a homeowner will pay $13.60 extra in taxes every month.

Superintendent Dr. Sharon Ross said she was surprised it was approved because of the difficulty of getting bonds approved.

"I'm excited that we can now repair a lot of deferred maintenance issues at the school. I was very excited and very grateful and thankful to all of the constituents that [voted] in favor of the bond,” said Dr. Ross.

In Madisonville, 76% of voters approved the $20 million bond and in Franklin 83% of the voters supported the $6 million measure. The $3 million bond in Bremond also passed.