Two teens okay after truck struck by lightning

Posted at 11:12 PM, May 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-09 00:12:00-04

Two teens had a scary storm moment Friday afternoon when their pickup was struck by lightning. Andrew McAllister and his girlfriend, Logan Warrick, were near Old Chapman Road and Highway 6 outside Waco when it happened.

"There was a streak of blue right in front of my windshield," McAllister explained. "Then the airbag just blew up in my face and I couldn't feel my arm at all. Logan said the antenna was on fire."

McAllister said he pulled over and turned off the truck, but it took him a few moments to answer Logan's questions.

"She kept asking me if I was okay and I didn't reply for like five minutes.  I was just rolling around in agony," he remembered. He also was afraid the airbag was going to catch on fire because there was steam coming out of it.

Logan had called Andrew's dad, who called 911, and rushed to the scene. After determining Logan and Andrew were just shaken up, he called off emergency responders.

"They were okay, dazed and confused a bit," the father said.

Andrew McAllister plays on the Crawford High School tennis team, and he has a match at the state tournament Tuesday. "My arm feels like it's burned, but it's probably from the airbag," he said.

The truck was towed to a local repair shop to be evaluated.