Marketing plan aims to attract young professionals to Waco

Posted at 12:14 AM, May 06, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-06 01:22:00-04

Several Baylor University business students developed a marketing plan to attract recent college graduates to the Greater Waco area.

30 of the 47 students in a principles of marketing class developed those strategies. However, the winning team was the only one that presented its ideas to the city council on Tuesday.

Those six students explained Waco has potential and low costs of living, but it currently lacks reputation.

Karlyn Murphy, who is one of the students working on the project, said some recent graduates may be deterred from staying in Waco because they may not see short term or long term opportunities in the city.

"If you tell your peers, I am going to stay in Waco. It just sounds like 'oh okay.' Meanwhile everyone is moving on and doing ‘bigger things,'” said Murphy. “If you can create an environment that people are proud to say they're from. Then that takes away all of that."

They advised the council to create an environment people will want to be in through restaurants. In addition, students suggest creating partnerships among existing businesses and entrepreneurs.

The plan also includes bringing more widely known entertainment to events that already exist in Waco, such as Brazos Nights.

Furthermore, students said if big businesses in the area are promoted and recent graduates can envision long-term opportunities, they may be more inclined to stay in the area.

When a city council member asked the students presenting what would make them stay in Waco. Murphy said she has fallen in love with Waco and she would consider staying if there were more job opportunities.

After thanking students for their efforts, Mayor Malcolm Duncan agreed employment is an important factor when attracting job professionals to the area.

The students hope that the city council will consider some of their suggestions.