West ISD teachers, staff prepare for new school year

Posted at 10:45 PM, Aug 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-26 09:09:25-04

With the first day of school starting Monday, teachers and staff in West are hustling to finish last minute preparations for the big day.

It's taken a lot of work to get the temporary buildings up by the start of the new school year. Making sure students at West Secondary School have a campus to call their own, even if it is not permanent.

West Independent School District Superintendent Marty Crawford says he's proud of his teachers.

"I think since April 17th we've all had to practice a lot of patience and certainly show a lot of agility professionally. Our teachers are resilient just like our kids are and they've done the best they've possibly can for this first day and first week of school," said Crawford. "Each student in the school district, all the way from pre-k to 12th grade will have school supplies waiting for him or her on their first period desk in the morning."

Teachers and faculty will be working through the night to set up their classrooms, organize supplies and finalize lesson plans.

"Being able to look at the kids and see the smiles on their faces even though it's a different setting facility wise, will be something the adults can look at each other [and say] you know what, this is what matters. They're happy being kids and being with their friends," says Crawford.

According to the superintendent, the secondary campus is about 90 to 95% complete. Three more temporary buildings will be installed and everything is estimated to be in place by late September.