Panel Members are Against Death Penalty

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jul 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-16 12:20:32-04

The third day of panel selection began today for the trial of accused Fort Hood shooter, Major Nidal Hasan.

Today in court, several of the jurors had strong feelings against the death penalty due to their religious and moral views. There were six juror members and only three were challenged for cause.

The first panel member stated that he is struggling with being able to fully consider the death penalty because as a Christian he believes, " we are all sinners."

Another panel member said that they believe man cannot play God, deciding who lives and who dies.

"I just believe thou shall not kill," explained the juror. "But their are certain circumstances that can be justified."

Hasan asked the colonel, if he did decide to consider the death penalty would he be willing disobey God and his church. The colonel replied " I will let God and my church determine if my decision was justified."

Some jurors admitted that they have already formed an opinion about Maj. Hasan. They told the court they believed Hasan is guilty because officials found him at the scene of the shooting with a gun in his hand.

The government feared that these biased opinions would prevent the jurors from judging the trial based on evidence.

10 panel members have already been chosen. There can be a maximum of 16 juror members and the minimum 13 members.

Colonel Tara Osborn did not dismiss any of the jurors today. They will be called back tomorrow at 9 a.m.