West benefits from Texas Rangers and Ted Nugent

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jul 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-08 08:27:23-04

It was West Night at the Ballpark of Arlington and Ted Nugent led a benefit in Waco.

The two benefits came on the same day with Ted Nugent's Zumbathon going first in mid-afternoon. Nugent's wife Shemane organized the zumba event at the Ferrel Center on Baylor University's campus.

"West is right next to Waco and it feels like something really bad happened to our neighbors and it did. And I wanted to do something but I didn't know what I could do so I know I can do Zumba. But I thought maybe I'll just put together a little zumba class. Well, it turned out to be quite a big event," Shemane said.

"I carpe diem with a lot of passion and fire everyday and anytime we have an opportunity to help our fellow Americans, especially fellow Texans, we always jump to the front," Ted Nugent said. "FEMA and Fedzilla will not help Texas so Texans will help Texans."

The original goal of the event was to raise $10,000 but that was raised before the event even began. A single person donated that so Shemane Nugent raised the goal to $15,000. Hundreds of people showed up paying $15 at the door. They saw Ted Nugent play the national anthem on his guitar with Shemane following with a session of zumba, a group form of exercise.

Caroline Wolf represented West with city leaders in Arlington. She said thank you to the crowd. Wolf says they appreciate the help.

"Coming together and staying together, staying strong, just slowly but surely making their way," Wolf said. "Any little thing helps."

It was also West night at the Ballpark of Arlington. The Rangers paid for transportation for 5,000 West residents to watch the game. And before the first pitch, they held a presentation with Lance Berkman donating a fire truck to the city. The Rangers also donated tens of thousands of dollars to the city.

"These people have been through a lot, and they deserve a day at the ballpark to relax," West Mayor Tommy Muska said.

"The city will rebuild and it will be bigger and better than it was before," representative Kyle Kacal said.

The pregame ceremony for West also showcased the town's rich Czech heritage.