West relief funds to be handled by Waco Foundation

Posted at 8:41 PM, May 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-01 23:50:20-04

The city of West is having the Waco Foundation take care of its money donations. 

The city council voted and approved Wednesday morning to have the Waco Foundation be the designated recipient of all charitable donations to the Disaster Relief Efforts Fund.  As of Wednesday there was $250,000 in that fund. However, Waco Foundation officials say that could rise soon because many big businesses have to have high donations approved through various boards. 

Residents will be able to use this money for "charitable purposes." The executive director for the Foundation Ashley Allison says that term is used for a number of things.  However, Allison says they will just receive the money and the city of West or an independent organization will decide how it's distributed. 

"They wanted all of the funds to come into one place so they know how many contributions have been received and from that point you have to understand what you have and then you can start looking at what the need is," Allison said. 

"We will work with them and take their advice and they will actually help advise where the distributions will go, but it may be, it just depends on where it makes the most sense," Allison said. 

The city and the Waco Foundation will hold a press conference outside the Intermediate School Thursday at 2 p.m. to explain how residents can apply for the money.

If you would like to donate money to the fund you can visit the Waco Foundation web site at