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From six-man to 11-man: CJ Lanehart prepares to sign his National Letter of Intent

Posted at 7:53 PM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-02 20:53:07-05

WACO, TX — After receiving close to seven offers, Parkview Christian Academy running back CJ Lanehart is on a mission to prove that it's not about the size of the school, but the size of the heart.

Out of all football student-athletes, only about 7% go on to play college football, with only 1.9% going to play at the Division II level.

Even fewer than that? Six-man players who go on to play in the NCAA.

“We're running all the time. It's basically track all the time. But in 11-man there’s a little bit more plays, a little bit more blockers, there’s five extra guys on the field. Overall I have a lot to learn, but six-man ball will help me," said Lanehart.

“You have to be versatile and you have to be flexible, and CJ was all of that," said Head Football Coach Josh Hayes. "I mean in the two years I was his head coach in high school, he played everything from running back to lineman to quarterback to receiver. He played everything.”

Lanehart is one of the few. After an incredible senior season finishing with over 3,200 yards on total offense and 56 total touchdowns, he will go from a Parkview Christian Pacer to an Angelo State Ram.

“It doesn’t matter what school you’re at. It doesn’t matter how many people are at your school or anything," said Lanehart. "It’s just the work and dedication.”

Lanehart’s love of football started in pee wee. All the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears have led up to the big day Wednesday - National Signing Day.

“I've never had a kid who got as much interest before," said Coach Hayes. "Me and his dad talk all the time, and I feel like we are both his dad because I am just as proud of him as his dad is, and I’ve seen how hard he’s worked and I’ve seen how much this means to him.”

“I’m antsy. I’m ready to put the pen to paper, and I can't wait to be a Ram at the end of the day,” said Lanehart.

Lanehart will leave Parkview Christian as the first player to rush for over 2,000 yards.

On Wednesday, Lanehart, as well as many other Central Texas student athletes, will put the pen to paper to sign their letters of intent to play at the next level.