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Drinking Responsibly at Kyle Field FAQ

Posted at 5:19 PM, Aug 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-23 18:19:21-04

COLLEGE STATION, TX — Kyle Field has expanded the availability of beer and wine to the general public this season in accordance with the Southeastern Conference’s updated policy regarding beer and wine sales at athletic venues. A mix of draft beer and wine will be available at concession areas and portable bars throughout the stadium, except at the 350 level on the east side which services the student section second deck.

What restrictions should fans know about the expansion of alcohol sales at Kyle Field?
The expanded availability of beer and wine will comply with alcohol management expectations from the state of Texas, Texas A&M University and the SEC. Fans should expect the following policies to be followed:

· Alcoholic beverages are only available to fans aged 21 and up.

· Each transaction requires a valid photo ID with no exceptions. All fans wishing to purchase alcohol are required to furnish a valid photo ID.

· No more than two alcoholic beverages may be purchased per transaction.

· All beverages containing alcohol must be served in a cup, rather than bottles or cans.

· All alcohol sales will stop at the end of the third quarter of each game.

· While alcohol may be taken to all areas of the stadium, alcohol on the field level is strictly prohibited.

Q: How will you ensure alcohol is not winding up in hands of underage students?
A: Aggie Hospitality, powered by Levy, has taken several steps to ensure responsible service, including the addition of 250 team members supporting beer and wine sales. Each will undergo State of Texas Alcohol Responsibility Training, which helps staff recognize fake IDs and over-intoxication. Additionally, Levy will provide its own industry-leading responsible service training program. Fans will notice increased security this season at Kyle Field. Law enforcement officers from throughout the region will continue to have a strong presence at each game. If a person of drinking age is observed providing alcohol to under-aged students, those committing this act will be arrested and charged accordingly.

Q: How will Texas A&M Athletics handle unruly fans this fall at Kyle Field?
A: A safe and positive experience remains a priority at Texas A&M athletics events. Stadium personnel and law enforcement will monitor fan behavior which could result in an ejection from the premises without refund. Unacceptable behavior could also result in an arrest. These actions are all possible for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Providing alcoholic beverages to a minor
  • Public intoxication or impairment
  • Throwing of any objects
  • Failure to follow stadium and/or law enforcement personnel instruction
  • Any other conduct deemed inappropriate by stadium personnel or law enforcement.

“AgAssist” is a convenient way to report issues and concerns that might arise. Report questionable or disruptive behavior by texting information to: 844-724-1212. Fans are encouraged to save this number in their phone as “AgAssist.”

Q: Will students aged 21 and up be able to purchase alcohol? Will they be able to take the purchase alcohol into the student sections?
A: Yes and yes. The expanded alcohol availability applies to everyone aged 21 and up with a valid ID. Texas laws governing alcohol consumption will be enforced. Those 21 and over are able to consume alcohol at their seat for themselves only. Reminder that provision of alcohol to minors is a Class A misdemeanor and will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law, with video and other evidence available inside the stadium.

Q: With this change in policy, can fans bring their own alcohol into the stadium this year?
A: No. The possession or consumption of alcohol not sold within Kyle Field remains strictly prohibited.

Q: What type of beer and wine will be available at Kyle Field? What will it cost?
A: A variety of popular domestic, premium, import, craft beer, wine and wine-based beverages will be available to Kyle Field guests in general seating areas. Draft beer (16 & 22oz) will be poured in eight (8) newly installed modular draft bars located on the first deck concourse, upper deck concourse, and second deck concourse in the south. Packaged beer including domestic, import, premium and craft offerings (16, 19, 24 & 25oz), along with draft wine will be available from 30 locations throughout the same levels. Prices will range depending on size, brand and souvenir cup from $9 to $13, tax included.

Q: I want my family to enjoy Texas A&M Football without alcohol sales in my seating area. Will alcohol-free zones be available within the stadium?
A: At this time, there are no designated alcohol-free zones. Texas A&M Athletics will evaluate the expanded availability of alcohol to determine the need for alcohol-free zones.

Q: Will Levy employees undergo training before working in concession stands that sell alcohol?
A: Yes. Levy, Texas A&M Athletics' concessions partner, has a training program for serving and selling alcoholic beverages that aligns with both the SEC policy and best practices nationally. All state and federal laws as well as University regulations will be enforced, and valid IDs will be required for service. Levy employees will undergo TABC training, as well as a Levy internal initiative:Responsible Alcohol Service Training. This teaches staff to better:

  • Recognize fake IDs and acceptable forms of identification.
  • Prevention of service to minors.
  • Awareness of the typical signs of intoxication.
  • Preparation to handle any disorderly, intoxicated customers.

Additionally, Levy is proud to partner with Athletics’ Guest Services at Kyle Field to offer a free regular soda to each person who presents themselves as a designated driver.

Q: Does Texas A&M Athletics plan to expand alcohol sales to other venues in 2019-20?
A: Texas A&M Athletics will monitor alcoholic beverage sales at Kyle Field. When deemed appropriate, plans for alcohol sales in other venues could be announced.

SEC Game Management Policy on Alcohol

Each institution is permitted to determine the permissibility of selling alcoholic beverages in athletics venues and shall establish a policy governing the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages in its athletics facilities.

Institutions that offer alcohol sales in public areas must incorporate Conference-wide alcohol management expectations, which include:

  • Alcoholic beverages are to be sold and dispensed only at designated stationary locations;
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be sold by vendors within the seating areas;
  • Identification check is required at every point of sale to prevent sales to minors;
  • Alcoholic beverage sales are limited to beer and wine only (no hard liquor or mixed drinks may be sold in public seating areas);
  • Limits must be established on the number of drinks purchased at one time by an individual;
  • Alcohol must be dispensed into cups;
  • Safe server training and additional training for staff to handle high risk situations is required; and
  • Designated stop times for sale and/or distribution of alcohol must be enforced as follows: Football (end of 3rd quarter); Basketball (Men's-Second half 12-minute TV timeout; Women's-End of 3rd quarter); Baseball (end of the top of 7th inning); Softball (end of the top of the 5th inning); and Other Sports (At a designated time, no later than when 75% of the event's regulation length competition is scheduled to be completed).

Each year, the Conference membership shall review this policy to determine institutional compliance with established expectations and evaluate fan conduct and alcohol-related incidents for the purpose of determining the need to revise the Conference's alcohol policy. Implementation of these management expectations does not include suites, clubs or private leased areas.

Each institution shall establish a policy for the admission of outside food and beverage into its facilities.

As with all areas of the stadium, maintaining the safety of patrons and participants and maintaining an atmosphere suitable for families is of utmost importance.

Advertising displays mentioning or promoting alcoholic beverage shall not be permitted in any playing facility with the exception of common point-of-sale signage.