Foes to friends: District 9 rivals team up to chase World Series title

District 9 LL Seniors
Posted at 11:06 PM, Jul 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-23 01:17:14-04

ROSEBUD-LOTT, Texas — For nine months of the year, the girls on the District 9 Little League Senior Division softball team are enemies, representing rival high schools across Bell County. But, this summer, the group has gone from foes to friends and are just a few wins away from representing Central Texas at the World Series.

"We all kind of joke about it at practices," Academy high-schooler Kaidence Quinn said. "We all make jokes about it. We have pitchers that talk mess about us whenever we're hitting off them. So it's kind of fun to play with people you're not used to playing with."

District 9 won the Texas West state championship 9-5 over East Brownsville, sealing their spot in the Southwest Region Tournament in Alexandria, Louisiana.

"I've gotten a way back home, because I'm from a smaller town and all these girls are from a smaller town," Midway high-schooler Jayden Sadler said. "So, it's been fun to go back to my roots a little bit."

The District 9 team opens the Southwest Region Tournament Saturday evening against Louisiana.