Cowboys' Jaylon Smith hosts youth Pro Camp on Fort Hood

Posted at 10:52 PM, Jun 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-24 23:52:08-04

FORT HOOD, TX — "Down, set, hut."

"I'm blessed to be out here. I love Jaylon Smith. I love the Cowboys," Bryson Coleman, a camper, said. "He could be doing anything else except he just came out here to help the community."

Dallas Cowboys' linebacker Jaylon Smith hosted a youth pro camp for hundreds of military children on Fort Hood Monday,

"You know for me having people I've looked up to when I was a child just come out and just give back is a true testament to where I am today. So, for me it's all about paying it forward," Jaylon Smith said.

Smith is no stranger to service. His oldest brother served in the Navy for eight years.

"So, very near and dear to my heart. Wish I could've brought him out. But, the service and what these men and women do to protect our country, it's a blessing. But, they have lives too. They have children who get opportunities to live on these bases and things of that nature so, it's important for them to have a great experience," Smith added.

"I learned that there's like the cones and then you like you run around it and then you get to be like that and you say ready set hut and then you catch the ball," Kingston Harper-Price, a camper, said.

Smith's camp was Kingston's first time to try football, and he got to do so with his Dad looking on.

"Baseball season just wrapped up, so hopefully this is a new stepping stone for him in a different sport," Sgt. Lee Quinn, Kingston's father, said.

But this camp is also a memory Kingston and his Dad will be able to hold onto for the next nine months. Sgt. Lee Quinn is set to deploy to Korea on Sunday.

"It gives he and I something to work on whether I'm gone or whether I'm here, we can always bounce that off of each other. Say hey son, remember when Jaylon Smith taught you this or hey son do you remember when Jaylon Smith taught you that? I can talk to him and have something to pass the time by as I go overseas," Sgt. Quinn added.