Connally Cadets punch ticket to State 7 on 7 for first time in school history

Posted at 10:52 PM, Jun 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-26 23:52:39-04

WACO, TX — State 7 on 7 starts Thursday, and this year, a Central Texas team has punched their ticket to the tournament for the first time ever.

The Connally Cadets are making school history.

Seniors who have been on varsity all four years said they're tired of being embarrassed.

They want people to take them seriously and felt it was about time they met the high expectations they have for themselves.

But, now those expectations are even higher. They're not satisfied with just going down to College Station for State. They plan to compete and want to win.

"We went to multiple qualifiers, and the second one we qualified for state. So, this is our first time, and it's just a blessing to go there. We just really appreciate the sponsors and everything to get us where we're going tomorrow," JeJuan Forward, a wide receiver for the Cadets, said.

"I just want teams to know that, teams and the people that are looking up to us, to know that we're for real this year. Serious. The people that are below us in the elementary and all that, they can look up to us this year. It's no more Connally, ah we're not gonna go to that game. Let's go to the game down the road or something. We want people to come out and watch us this year cause we're putting on a show," Jordan Nichols, an outside linebacker, added.

The Cadets kick off State 7 on 7 play Thursday at 2 p.m. They will play three games the first day, and then on Friday, they'll move to the single elimination final match ups.