Cameron Harrison's race to Loretta Lynn's

CTX motocross athlete is amateur nationals bound
Posted at 10:16 PM, Jul 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-24 23:49:13-04

KEMP, TX — Cameron Harrison lives and breathes motocross, living and training at Underground MX in Kemp, Texas four days of the week.

"When I first turned nine years old, I first got my real dirt bike, and it just went off from there," Cameron Harrison said.

Harrison is a 16 year old from China Spring, and he's just a few days away from a race that could change his life.

"This race is super important. It stands out more than any other race. So, to win this one's like winning five others combined," Kyle Regal, Harrison's motocross coach, said.

In order to qualify for Loretta Lynn's, the Amateur National Motocross Championships, athletes must place in the top six at Regionals. Well, Harrison didn't just place, he won... three times.

"I made it in three classes, but we're going in 250C Junior and 125C," Harrison added.

"He's ridden the class, the C class two years now, so it's cool to see him in the midpack last year and then to win a lot of races this year. It goes to show how hard he works during the week. His results instantly show," Regal added.

Harrison's coach, Kyle Regal, used to race professionally. He says his success at Loretta Lynn's is what boosted his career, and now, he sees that same potential in Cameron.

"He's definitely got the speed. Cameron's just been killing it, and just his work ethic during the week is gonna definitely show there. It's really, really hot. A lot of people aren't used to it. He's used to a rough track, so that's gonna help him, as well, and hopefully his technique shows," Regal said.

Typically, races are 8 to 10 minutes long. But at Loretta Lynn's, athletes will have to ride for 20 minutes before completing a final lap.

"I've been training for Loretta's for about three months now. Like actually training hard, been working out in the gym, I've been getting my stamina up and getting my breathing good, so I can just go there and dominate," Harrison said.

Racing teams and gear companies will be scouting at Loretta's looking for who they want to be on their team and wear their gear.

"If I win national titles, I come back home with a paying job from a team," Harrison added.

Signing a contract with a team would be a stepping stone out of amateur classes on the way to turning pro, and for Cameron to have two shots at winning and potentially making a team, it's an opportunity he doesn't take lightly.

"It means a lot. It means a whole bunch to me because I've been working for this pretty much my life," Harrison said. "I just don't wanna be just somebody. I want to be something."

The Harrisons will head up to Tennessee for Loretta Lynn's Thursday. Harrison will have a practice day on Monday and race Tuesday.