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NCAA rule changes the game for Baylor athletes

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Posted at 6:26 PM, Jul 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-01 23:14:51-04

A rule change made by the NCAA is likely to put more money into the pockets of student athletes.

Until today student athletes at the college level haven’t been able make money off their name, image, or likeness but that has all changed and local businesses are already stepping up for their Baylor Bears.

In the past student athletes could be penalized or even dismissed from a team for accepting any outside money or endorsements, which is a huge step for the athletes.

”It to me means, that student athletes have a value and they can take advantage of it," said David Smoak, Radio host at SIC’EM 365 Radio. "They had a value before, but they couldn’t take advantage of it starting today.”

Now paid endorsements and other things that could bring them money using their name, image, and likeness which is a complete game changer.

”It means that if you sell a jersey with my number on it, I'm going to have to get a cut of that. All of those things that colleges have never, ever, ever wanted to do, or tried to avoid for years and years, is now open.” said Paul Catalina, Radio host at SIC’EM 365 Radio.

That is why Visiting Angels in in Waco wasted no time being the first one to book Baylor Basketball star Matthew Mayer for a paid appearance next Monday.

”Just to be able to have the opportunity to be the first to move and support these student athletes this way has been kind of historic for us and we wanted to be part of that,” said Jacob Neubert, former Baylor Basketball player and Owner and Executive Director of Visiting Angels.

Neubert being a former Baylor Basketball player knows all too well what a huge moment this is for the Bears that came after him.

"To be able to deal with all the compliance and regulation at that time, even as a walk on, was a lot," said Neubert. "So, I can’t imagine how freeing it’s going to feel for these guys to be able to go out and do some things.”

Even though this is a huge moment and opportunity this is for college athletes, some people are still cautious about the change and potential risks involved.

”It’s happened so fast and when that happens, usually there is something that we don’t think about ahead of time,” said Smoak.

There are concerns like athlete forgetting to pay taxes on the money they receive or sponsors paying athletes large sums of money to go to one school versus another.

That being said, nothing can take away from how historic today's rule change really is for student athletes.