Recent events sparking important conversations within younger generations

Posted at 6:09 PM, Jan 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-15 19:09:43-05

TEMPLE, TX — In just 17 years, Temple ISD senior Jordyn Price has witnessed things it took some folks decades to see.

“Within, you know, this crazy year of 2020, we’ve definitely opened it up to where it’s more just unfiltered responses,” she said.

The pandemic, social movements and most recently the insurrection at the Capitol, sparked important conversations within the generation.

“We are glued to our phones, whether we admit it or we’d rather not, but when something happens on the news the first thing it’s all over Instagram,” Dominic Gamino, another Temple ISD senior said. “Then Twitter and then oh let me text my friend about this, and this and what they think about this.”

Gamino said conversations about the events over the past year start between classroom walls with peers, teachers and even their superintendent.

Then, the dialogue travels home, taking a seat around the dinner table.

“I personally live with my grandparents, so I feel like conversations like these are very important to have,” Price explained. “Not for the fact of maybe they disagree or anything like that but I just feel like being able to express yourself.”

Kacy Carter, a senior at Copperas Cove High and a future Aggie, said no matter what opinion one may have, it seems her and her peers are always on the same page.

“It also depends on who you talk to, some people have differing views, but all together I feel like we’re all combined, we all have the same viewpoint as to what’s going on right now,” she said.

As all three step into the real world, they said they’re excited to start college.

“Senior year, even though it’s different, I’m still enjoying it, I’m doing my best to stay positive about everything,” Carter said.

”I feel confident facing such issues that face society and I think it’s very important that my voice may be small as of right now, but cumulatively our voice is very strong,” Price followed.