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Staying positive during severe weather season, mental health experts weigh in

Posted at 4:09 PM, May 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-28 17:09:57-04

COLLEGE STATION, TX — Whether it's a simple thunderstorm or serve weather, experts agree it can affect your mental health.

The region's turbulent weather, especially in spring and summer, can keep those in our communities indoors. While stuck inside, mental health experts say we can become more susceptible to anxiety and depression.

"With all the weather that we’re having, we’re stuck inside more, and we don’t have that much exposure to the sun, so keeping in mind that having exposure to the sun provides us with Vitamin D, and Vitamin D actually helps us regulate our mood and ward off depression," explained Margaret Stone, M.S, LPC.

But little adjustments to our surroundings, Stone explains, can really help improve our mood.

"Even if that means going for a drive or changing the atmosphere in your home, by putting on some music or doing an at-home workout, that can really help to change things up and get you out of that funk,“ said Stone.

Connecting with our friends and loved ones also proves helpful in mood regulation and improvement.

“I would say, keeping in mind to pull yourself out of a gloomy mood, would be to continue to connect socially. We have so much technology and so much use our phones in the Internet to stay connected so using that,“ said Stone.

Though for some, severe weather season comes with inherent anxiety, but for those who find themselves overwhelmed during Texas' more severe storms, there are still ways to level our feelings.

“Pick an activity that pulls your focus and attention, specifically something that’s new or something you haven’t done before, because that really helps you to hone in on something and get your mind focused instead of focusing on all that worry,“ advised Stone, "So maybe find a new recipe, maybe a new craft activity you can do, some thing to really pull your attention and focus."

Bottom line, staying busy, active and connected to our loved ones might just be the path to a brighter day.