Healthcare workers feeling the effects of COVID-19

Posted at 5:37 PM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 19:46:14-04

COLLEGE STATION, TX — They are present day superheroes.

Healthcare workers are working around the clock to serve patients and save lives.

Six weeks ago, Brazos County confirmed its first case of the coronavirus.

Since then, healthcare workers have been working non-stop to help those coming through their doors.

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff — all on the front lines of a pandemic that's taken a toll on each individual.

"There was a lot of anxiety because people were scared, even health care workers were like do I have the right equipment when I'm going in taking care of these people,” explains Respiratory Therapist Theresa Flageolle.

Some healthcare workers are busier than ever before; simply put, they are tired.

"A lot of people are working extra to try and help your coworkers out so you are not left working short-staffed,” explains Flageolle.

But while some departments are receiving nursing assistance from other departments during this time, Flageolle says respiratory therapists aren't that lucky.

“Respiratory is very specific. It's not like nurses where you can pull one ICU nurse from one place to the next.”

Shift after shift they are becoming more and more fatigued as they tackle COVID-19.

“More now than ever people have been feeling that burden at work,” say Nurse Practitioner Katie Hepfer. She emphasizes focusing on work-life balance gets her through these demanding times.

“In any healthcare job and any field of healthcare its important to have some work life balance whatever that means for each individual," explains Hepfer. "For me personally it's relying on my support system, family, keeping myself healthy, exercise outdoor time, time with my children.”

It's important for nurses, doctors, and administrators to lean on each other, work together and stay healthy so they can focus on saving patients.

As we transition back to some normalcy, healthcare workers are asking everyone to continue social distancing, practice basic hand washing and to stay home if you are feeling sick as we continue to flatten the curve.