More parents considering homeschool as return to traditional school remains unsure

Posted at 8:50 PM, Jul 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-31 21:50:55-04

Hundreds of central Texas families are scrambling as the plans keep changing for the start of the school year.

Now families who aren’t happy with the in-person or virtual learning are considering homeschooling as a safer and effective alternative.

"Sending your children out into the world, what are they bringing home? what are they not bringing home?" asked concerned parent Ryan Beimer as he considers homeschooling his 5-year-old. "There's a strong possibility we're going to go into the fall and things get shut back down. We have to have a Plan B to make sure we continue education, which means we have to look at home school possibilities."

Families like the Thompsons made the decision to go the homeschool-route at the beginning of their teenager's education.

"I will say within the last few months, we've had more families reach out to us asking how does this home school thing work, and what is it going to take to make that happen," said homeschool parent JT Thompson.

Homeschooling parents often times help each other out and take turns teaching each other's children in a safe way.

"Because we have smaller class sizes or smaller groups, we're able to meet together in a safer environment than others would be able to than others in a public school," said homeschool parent Jennifer Thompson.

The Texas Home School Coalition estimates nearly 400,000 students in Texas are homeschooled.

"The big difference is the public school is all about time, how much time you're in that seat, how many days you're in that class. With homeschooling it's the outcome. How do we get there? You can do in a couple of hours what it takes a classroom all day long to do," said Texas Home School Coalition President Tim Lambert.

Lambert says since the pandemic calls have tripled to nearly 900 calls a week.

For more resources and to register for homeschooling, head to the Texas Homeschool Coalition's website.