Waco retail store opens for curbside pick-up

Posted at 5:28 PM, Apr 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-24 18:32:42-04

WACO, TX — Today is a big day for retail stores and dedicated shoppers right here in Central Texas.

After a month of an empty parking lot, signs of life are showing in the Central Texas Marketplace, which is great news for Amelia’s Fashion Exchange.

“I’ve had one worker that has been here. Layed off, didn’t file for unemployment but instead has volunteered her time. So she has been a heart and soul for us for the past five weeks or so and I am very thankful for that,” said Kelly Stephens.

Small retail stores are some of the hardest hit small business because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

But Friday brought a little bit of hope.

Now with curbside pickup, Amelia’s and other retail stores across Central Texas are hoping to get there feet back under them.

“Our sales are at ten percent of what they would normally be. If this was to continue there is no way we would be able to survive. There is just no way. But our customers are amazing and they are supporting us in the best way they can,” said Kelly Stephens.

For the past few weeks, Amelia’s has been posting merchandise on their social media pages, and shipping to customers. But when you run a fashion exchange, they say you need person to person.

Now with curbside pickup, Amelia’s can sell and take in new stock.

“Between 12-4pm we will allow you to drop off clothes outside. We will not handle the clothes for three days, and then within those three days we will be able to process it, price it, and then it will be another three days before we can even put it online just because we need to insure the safety of our customers," said Kelly Stephens.

While many small businesses are hopeful their doors will be fully opened, curbside pickup is just one way to start the process of rebounding.

Amelia’s Fashion Exchange updates their social media outlets with their new arrivals weekly. You can call or go message Amelia's Fashion Exchange on Facebook or instagram to order.

Amelia's is also participating in a small business bingo to benefit local retail stores in Central Texas.

By participating, you can win up to $200 in prizes and help out a few small businesses along the way.

To sign up to play, head over to Amelia's Fashion Exchange Facebook page.