Mayor: Weddings, funerals are considered essential business

Posted at 1:49 PM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 19:44:54-04

WACO, TX — Kyle Deaver, City of Waco mayor, made comments after Gov. Abbott announced that businesses would start reopening on Friday.

He said it is a responsible approach, and it starts the economy while keeping people safe. He said at this time, the county is running under the governor's plan.

At this time, he said McLennan County no longer has a higher rate of confirmed cases in a county of its size.

They answered questions from the public during this conference.

While business begin to open, the county will not order that face coverings are required. However, they are strongly encouraged.

To clarify, they said that funerals have been running the entire time with certain guidelines.

The mayor said for social purposes, they believe weddings and funerals are the only exceptions to limits on social gatherings according to the governor's order.

However, in all other circumstances, social gatherings should be limited to 10.

Officials also said there have been no cases in their jail or in their nursing home at this time.

As for the antibody test, Dr. Jackson Griggs said that antibody tests have a problem with false positives.

They also said they are evaluating on reopening certain parks, like Cottonwood Creek Golf Course.