Gyms and fitness studios reopen across Central Texas

Posted at 8:35 PM, May 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-18 21:35:44-04

Since Governor Abbot announced last week that gyms and fitness studios would be allowed to reopen, local recreational facilities have been working around the clock to be ready to open their doors Monday.

That wait is finally over.

"Its been a crazy crazy day. Its been a crazy few days," said Kimberly Damm, owner of Yoga8.

But reopening the doors to the Yoga8 studios has been anything but easy.

"We've been up here since midnight every night trying to get everything cleaned and ready to go," said Damm.

It all comes with a lot of new changes, like only allowing yoga students to bring in their keys and cells phones that are stored in a sterile bin. They must also clean their mats and answer a series of questions before they take a class.

"We have disinfectant spray. We steam clean the entire floor. We wipe down all of the light sockets, a/c heat vents, the handles, anything that was touched," said Damm.

The doors will remain locked until 15 minutes before the designated class time, and the studio has also taped out spots six feet apart for people to lay their yoga mats.

"Just even being in a space on our mat together, it's just such a beautiful community to be able to be able to chat and talk across six feet apart and share smiles and love," said Damm.

Yoga 8 is also live streaming the classes online and will install a new software this week which will save the classes so you can go back later and take them.

Keep in mind that all fitness studios operate differently, so you may have to sign up early and reserve a spot. Some facilities may also be offering less classes or have some services not available yet.