Bowling alleys prepare to reopen ahead of holiday weekend

Posted at 7:42 PM, May 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-21 20:43:13-04

COLLEGE STATION, TX — Governor Greg Abbott has given the go-ahead for bars, aquariums and bowling alleys to reopen with new guidelines as part of Phase Two of Texas’ reopening plan.

After eight weeks of being closed, Grand Station in Aggieland is anxious to open their doors starting Friday, May 22.

“We are so excited. Cannot wait to welcome everyone back,” said Marketing and Sales Director Stephanie Lara.

Grand Station had hoped to reopen sooner, and like many other businesses, had been waiting for the go ahead from Governor Abbott.

“We were unsure of when we were going to get to open, when we were going to be able to welcome everyone back,” said Lara.

But being included in Phase Two has given bowling alleys like Grand Station time to adopt best practices moving forward, explained General Manager Scott Logan.

“We are getting a lot of information from the Bowling Proprietors Association of America, and they were being very helpful in giving us resources that we need," he said.

Throughout their closure, the Grand Station’s management has taken suggestions from state and local governments, and have decided on a gradual reopening.

“We implemented our own phases of reopening, so we’re going to open up just the bowling portion of the facility,” said Logan.

When families show up to bowl, they will see a lot of sanitary practices they haven’t seen at a bowling alley before.

"We are now scrubbing the inside of the bowling ball holes after every single use. We have a sanitize process that we do with the entire booth after a visit,” explained Lara.

With new cleaning practices in place, everyone at the bowling alley is ready to once again welcome back bowlers.

Grand Station's doors will open at noon Friday just in time for this holiday weekend.