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Central Texas business owners prepare for "retail-to-go"

Posted at 6:37 PM, Apr 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-18 19:37:01-04

Texas is moving towards re-opening.

Governor Abbott announced one of the first steps during a press conference this week.

Beginning on Friday, stores may offer "retail-to-go."

Ringing up a sale is something Amy Thomas has not done in weeks.

"We've never experienced anything like this before in our lives," said Thomas, owner, Zooty's.

Like many retail stores, Zooty's in Temple was deemed non essential, and was forced to close as part of the effort to slow the spread of COVID19.

"We never imagined we would be shutdown, business would be shutdown, and but we want to do what we can for this to be over," said Thomas

Governor Abbott has announced phase one of his plan to re-open the state and get people back to work.

Retail stores will reopen next Friday with only curbside service.

"We were excited," said Jessica Shelton, co-owner, Imeraki.

The Imeraki team in Belton began preparing their store for the service the moment they heard the news.

"On Friday and Saturday we're going to be setting up a booth for our curbside pickup to come pick up their gifts, an eggshell grow kit that was donated by Wolfgang's Garden, and their purchased items. They can purchase online or through us or during the curbside pickup."

Allison Turner, owns Whimisies Boutique in Belton. She says sales dropped nearly 75 percent since the pandemic started.

"We're excited to see some of our customer's faces again, even though we won't be close, too close. But we're excited that we can you know take items out to the cars," said Turner.

Thomas says she does not mind the curbside service and social distancing as long as her business survives.

"I have a long hook and I will put a sack on it and hand it to them but I'll be wearing gloves and I will be wearing a mask," said Thomas.

"Retail-to-go" does not mean people can go into retail stores, but they can get goods through curbside or delivery.

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