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Beating Texas unemployment takes work, say experts

Posted at 4:35 PM, May 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-04 19:09:59-04

Some experts forecast the Texas unemployment problem will get much worse before it gets better.

Some estimates say 25% of Texans will lose their jobs before the economy pick up again. So, how do you rebound from that? Or take advantage of a possible talent vacuum?

Unemployment claims in the United States totaled more than 26 million in the last five weeks, thanks to the economic damage done by the coronavirus.That number includes 1.26 million Texans, roughly 9 percent of the state’s work force. All of whom need employment solutions.

Joshua Campos wants a job that puts his carpentry skills to good use.

”I do a lot of stuff like trim work. Any kind of work that has to do with bringing it together, you know?” he said.

He hopes the Placements Unlimited Agency will help him find something in mobile home manufacturing.

The agency recently set up a tent behind its building on Valley Mills to handle a slate of new manufacturing jobs.

”Manufacturing jobs like water hose companies, hanger companies, that are looking for applicants,” said Hector Carbajal of Placements Unlimited.

KXXV features a link to the site, which includes the Placement Unlimited factory jobs, along with openings at Coca-Cola, and defense contractor L-3/Harris, a job that likely pays in the high 5 figures.

Placement Unlimited's Josh Finstad says other sites can also help.

”Indeed is really the most popular website right now, but if you get on, Indeed, different factories, different facilities, different offices and employers use different methods,” said Finstad, Vice President at Placements Unlimited.

He advises those looking for work to go beyond the application. Do your homework, and make a personal contact.

”Even call the hiring manager, if possible. Research on Linkedin or a channel like that,” said Finstad.

Finally, he says practice your interviewing skills with friends and dress for success.

"You want to get dressed like you're gonna be in person. Even though you're at home doing an interview on the phone, we've learned that people do a better job interviewing if they're actually prepared," he advised.

All things Josh Campos plans to use, plus a couple of others to land that detailed carpentry job he wants.

”If you have a lot of trades, it can help a lot. If you've had a lot of experience, it can help get you a job,” said Campos.

Experts say you almost have to treat your job search like a full-time job. That means setting aside time every day devoted to looking for your next job or career.