German flooring company looks to create jobs at future Waco plant

Posted at 9:48 AM, Feb 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-03 12:58:09-05

WACO, TX — A train horn blows in the distance at the corner of Mars Drive and Texas Central Parkway in West Waco. There's nothing there but an empty lot right now but that's about to change.

"The residents of Waco can expect to see the skyline to change just a little bit," Josh Neuberger, who represents Uzin Utz North America said.

The company has headquarters in Germany.

"The public may not have heard of our product or products in general, but we guarantee that a lot of folks that have invested in flooring projects, their contractors probably have used our products," Neuberger explained.

The company makes a long list of products used in the installation and upkeep of flooring.

It will create 40 new jobs and bring in 1,000 contractors to Waco every year for training.

"We take care of their hotels. We take care of their food. You know, we plan on using local restaurants and local businesses in order to show people not only the products we've seen but also the local flare of Waco Texas," Neuberger said.

In the spring of 2022, the company plans to have its 125,000 square foot facility up and running.

They picked Waco for its "Geographical location to [their] raw material suppliers, the growth of Texas right now, just in general, and the central shipping point just to ship out nationwide for [its] products," Neuberger said.

With the training facility focusing on best practices, it promises to put Waco right in the center of shaping the future of the flooring industry for years to come.

The company is also relocating its research and development center to Waco which could lead to new partnerships that would benefit local students.