Coping with uncertainty: Rebounding from critical internal self talk

Posted at 8:49 AM, May 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-20 09:49:34-04

COLLEGE STATION, TX — Struggling with uncertainty, many even now, are unsure of what to expect from work, family, and life, but there are ways to relieve heavy feelings during this time.

Margaret Stone, M.S. LPC, explains it starts with the basics, "being able to get adequate sleep, get adequate nutrition, having some type of social connection, whether it’s a FaceTime, a phone call, and then making sure you’re getting active, getting out there and moving your body“ said Stone.

Many in our area said homeschooling, isolation, and social negativity are at the core of what’s weighing them down.

Stone explains looking at our 'automatic thoughts' like 'what if' questions in a different light could help with negative thoughts.

"[Automatic thoughts] are those things where we say what if this, what if that, so be careful with those thoughts that pop into our head, because they’re really not that helpful. Being really concrete with what your concerns are, and backing it up with evidence, can be helpful to control that fear, worry and anxiety“ said Stone.

As many Central Texans begin getting asked to return to work, Stone advises we take our feelings into account and give ourselves some grace.

“Be patient with yourself, I feel a lot of times we are our worst critic, so being patient with yourself, giving yourself grace, realizing this time is a time of flux, and there is a lot of uncertainty, and trying to bear with that uncertainty, and not needing to have an answer right now, so remaining in the moment,” said Stone.

Something proven to help improve anxiety and depression is concentrating on the things we are grateful for.

“List a few things that we’re grateful for, maybe you’ve heard it before but research really does show, that if we reflect on the things that we are grateful for, it decreases our anxiety and depression,” said Stone.

Experts also explain its never too early to seek help.