Counselor offers coping mechanisms for anxiety during shelter in place

Posted at 6:19 AM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 14:09:05-04

For nearly a month, Central Texans have been finding ways to adjust their lives. For Janet Martinez, the shelter in place order has been a roller-coaster. Through the good and bad, she says this overwhelming experience has allowed her to become a stronger version of herself.

"I have no routine and I think that is what is driving me crazy and I am just there waiting for everything to open back up," said Martinez.

The mother of four was looking for a job right before the shelter in place order went into effect and after having no luck, she found herself going in circles at home.

"I was stuck and that is when the stress came. Some people were safe and I was drowning and drowning."

Lisa Arce, a Licensed Professional Counselor says Martinez is not alone.

"Within the last two weeks specifically there has been an increase in's a basic sense of isolation and fear of when is this going to end."

Governor Greg Abbott's plan to reopen the state was enough to spark the hope Martinez needed.

"I am ready for a new beginning."

Arce says a key to getting through this pandemic is finding things to be grateful for.

"It's kind of like practicing that gratitude aspect of what I do have," said Arce.

"It taught me to appreciate things now, be in the moment right now," said Martinez.

Perspective that will make her unstoppable as Texas slowly and safely reopens after a life-changing pandemic.

Arce says her biggest advice for people is for them to find a routine and build personal goals during the shelter in place order. For mothers and people working at home, remember to find 30 minutes a day for yourself to recharge and rest.