So-called ghost kitchens are on the rise amid the pandemic, but what is a ghost kitchen?

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jan 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-14 21:36:42-05

Due to COVID-19, the food delivery service industry has exploded and created opportunities for a new industry to rise- ghost kitchens.

“The necessitation of us having to pivot and reach out further than just our four walls, that’s the greatest demand we have had for the past almost year,” said Corey McEntyre, chef and owner of Milo All Day in Waco.

Ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens are places where virtual brands can make and deliver food. Menus and sales are exclusive to online, and kitchens are either rented or in an already established restaurant.

“There’s some people who just don’t want what we offer everyday. If one day you are feeling pizza or like a really fun pasta dish or some really good enchiladas like we did as family meal for quarantine, maybe you’re feeling that type of food, those flavors, we can still deliver that to you under this new brand,” said McEntyre.

Milo All Day has created two new virtual restaurants. The virtual menus will debut in the next few weeks on the DoorDash and Favor apps, but the food is still prepared right in Milo’s same kitchen.

“Do Roman-style pizza, where you flip it and turn it over where it's now like a pizza sandwich, and do some really fun pasta dishes that, again, if we did it as Milo, it just wouldn’t feel right. Same thing with doing burrito tacos or enchiladas and really authentic Mexican food,” said McEntyre.

Milo All Day is still finalizing menus and working on perfecting the food and delivery methods, but Chef McEntyre told 25 News a third ghost kitchen is in the works.