How to save on your energy bill during COVID-19

Posted at 4:53 PM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 17:53:50-04

With more people staying home during the COVID-19 outbreak, your utility bills could reflect the higher than usual usage.
Experts say there are some tips you can try in order to lower your bill.

The best way to save money on your energy bill is to simply to use less energy.This means turning on fewer lights (and remembering to turn them off), using your hair dryer less, watching less TV, etc. recommends leaving little notes for yourself by light switches so you remember to turn them off to reduce your light bill.

Your water heater could also be a big contributor to a high energy bill.

It takes a lot of work to heat gallons upon gallons of water, so be careful when you take a long hot shower or let the faucet run for longer than necessary.

Some people may not realize that old light bulbs waste more electricity. Switch out your old light bulbs for LED or smart light bulbs. They last much longer than normal light bulbs and don’t waste as much electricity.

If your electricity bill is a concern year around, consider getting dimmer switches. They allow you to have the lights, but still conserve energy.

Both electric and utility bills can be affected by air and water leaks.

A tip to check for leaks is using a candle around your doors and windows. Turn off any fans in the room, close any doors, and light the wick. Move it around the edges where there could be a draft. If the flame flickers, you will know there is an air leak there.

It's also crucial to communicate with your utility providers. "Some companies can offer you a special deal or arrange your bill so that charges are lower during certain times of the day," says. "Make a call and be upfront about what you want. You may be surprised by what you can negotiate."

While speaking to providers, try asking for an energy audit. Utility providers will often do this for free and the results of the audit will show you how you could be using less energy in your home and saving money.

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