Parents are learning new ways to Co-Parent while social distancing

Posted at 12:32 PM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 18:56:47-04

Co-parenting during the Coronavirus Pandemic can be confusing.

"This is a situation you need to be planning for your children," said family law attorney Melissa Tyroch.

Tyroch says the Texas Supreme Court ruling in March did not alter current visitation schedules.

"That was very helpful and has been a guiding light with possession schedules. Basically, my advice to parents is you continue to follow the order that is in place," said Tyroch.

"Is there room for parents to decide how to handle this?" asked KXXV Anchor Lindsay Liepman.

"Absolutely. Parents are always encouraged to co-parent. If you want to make a change if you feel it's in the best interest of your children you can but you're not obligated to," said Tyroch.

Tyroch says communication is key. Using a co-parenting app can help and make sure you talk to your children.

"Talk to the kids about what's going on. There's a lot of concern and fear that kids pick up on between parents," said Tyroch.

But in Florida, an emergency room doctor lost custody temporarily of her 4-year-old daughter after her ex-husband petitioned the court for an emergency order.

"Usually the judge would respect the right of both parents to be in the child's life and I think this was a rash decision," Dr. Theresa Greene told CNN.

Dr. Greene says she takes all precautions to keep her daughter safe and is appealing the decision.

"She knows mommy's sad. I said to her I might not see you for a long time and she said I will see you Friday. She doesn't understand and I worry about the toll that's going to take on her," said Dr. Greene.

The Texas Attorney General's Office is flooded with calls right now from concerned parents. If a parent owes more than $150 in child support, their stimulus check will be intercepted. If a child support hearing has been postponed, a virtual negotiation is possible through the OAG.

If you need help, Tyroch of Tyroch Boyd Law Firm in Bell County says to contact an attorney.

There is an Access and Visitation Hotline through the state that is open Monday through Friday from 1 to 5 pm. The number is 866-292-4636.