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We're Open: Goat-A-Gram offers new unique way to celebrate special occasions

Posted at 8:02 AM, Apr 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-23 09:02:25-04

WACO, TX — Goats are getting a lot of attention lately with goat yoga growing in popularity, now comes the Goat-A-Gram.

You're probably thinking, a goat what?

The Lorena woman behind this business venture is hoping that her idea to make people happy will catch on.

Meet Rose the goat! This kid, as younger goats are called, is sporting a pink outfit for spring with unicorns on her pants.

"She's been wearing clothes since she was a newborn," as Goat-A-Gram owner Kristen Rowin explains, the clothes are only for when the goat is on the job. "She does live outside without clothes. I get that question a lot. She does live outside with her best friend."

Here's how it works, you can send someone flowers or another type of gift like candy and it comes with quality time with the goat.

"You have to see people's reaction when they see the goat," Rowin said.

Little Rose rides shotgun to go see her customers.

They pull up and on goes the leash.

Rowin rings the doorbell and Rose patiently awaits.

"Hello?" a surprised young couple, Brooke and Trevor answer the door.

They are the lucky recipients of a Goat-A-Gram.

"She's very friendly," Rowin assures the couple before handing Rose over.

The occasion: they're expecting a baby.

"I was very surprised," to see the goat, "I've never, I've never had a goat delivered to me. I mean, I like it. It's cute!" Brooke Haberman said while holding the goat.

"I don't know. I was confused 'cause I know my mom was sending something. I didn't know what it was," Trevor Fulmer said.

For the next 30 minutes, the goat is all theirs to enjoy.

Some recipients just can't get enough of Rose and don't want to give her up when it's time for Rose to go.

People "are like, can we buy her? Seriously, can we buy the goat? Can we keep her?" Rowin said.

If you're still wondering: why send someone a goat?

"I think people figured it out a long time ago when they started incorporating animals for a calming effect," Rowin explains. "They just, you know those endorphins go crazy when you see a little tiny goat."

It even pays off for little Rose.

"She's happy to oblige because she gets treats on every visit," Rowin said.

"I like it! It's like a dog that has horns," Haberman said.

You can request anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour with the goat.

Rose has appeared at birthday parties, schools, offices, homes, you name it.

The goat wears a diaper, so you don't have to worry about any unwanted surprises.

To schedule a Goat-A-Gram for yourself or a loved one, click here.