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We're Open: Caffé Capri is thankful for their community and secret sauce recipe during this pandemic

Posted at 10:50 AM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 19:35:11-04

BRYAN, TX — Caffé Capri has been serving the community in Bryan for 25 years.

Now, they are thankful for the community that is helping them through this tough time.

Owner Rami Cerone, an Aggie alum, always wanted to own a restaurant.

"If it didn't work, then I would go out and get a regular job after that," Cerone said.

He wasn't a chef by any means when he opened his restaurant, so he asked his parents for some family recipes.

His father, Giovanni Cerone, wanted to keep them a secret.

"So my dad would drive from Waco two or three times a week, and I had a big vat in the kitchen and he would chase everybody out of the kitchen," Cerone said.

After the first year when Caffé Capri was becoming more popular, his dad gave in.

Like all restaurants these days, employees have been forced to add new descriptions to their job title.

Even Cerone has become a delivery driver at Caffé Capri.

"We just been adapting day by day and learning as we go," Cerone said.

As he, and the community, navigate the new normal, they will take on whatever is thrown their way.

"The restaurant shelf-life is really short in general, statistically speaking, so I'm really thankful," Cerone said. "I've made it 25 years and people still like me. I've become one of those household type of names in this town."

Caffé Capri is located at 222 N. Main St. in Bryan.

For a pick up or delivery order call 979-822-2675.