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The Humble Life is here to help you relax and unwind during a pandemic

Posted at 10:27 AM, Jun 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-24 11:27:12-04

CALDWELL, TX — The Humble Life in Caldwell has been here for all your natural soap and body care needs.

They also had weekly hands-on canvas paint classes, once the Covid-19 pandemic hit those classes moved via Zoom.

"I do everything the same way except I just bundle it up for you in little paint cups you have all the same brushes," co-owner April Locke said.

April Locke has owned the business with her husband Taylor since 2014.

Moving to Caldwell from Savannah Georgia they knew they made the right decision.

"One thing we consider ourselves very blessed, we love this town and one thing that Caldwell has done for us is support us," Taylor Locke said.

With less coming into the store, more decided to join the paint classes.

Usually, the in-person classes had 8 people in attendance but with the opportunity to move online came a bigger class size.

"It was really exciting to watch it grow, I went from having an average of 8 people here to 46-47 and it blew my mind," April said.

The Humble Life is all about giving a great natural product to put on your body and they decided to create something nutritious to put in your body as well.

Debuting 11 different smoothies in mid-June they wanted to release them in April but the pandemic had other plans.

Now working with food they're even more cautious about the cleanliness of their store.

"We wipe down the door handle periodically just throughout the day we make sure that everything up on our counter stays wiped down," Taylor said.

They're also making the smoothies with masks on to ensure the customer's safety.

To follow the Humble Life on Facebook visit theirpage, you can also order their soap products on theirwebsite.