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The Hippodrome is open and ready for fun night out with you and the family

Posted at 6:10 AM, Jun 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 17:21:54-04

WACO, TX — The Hippodrome is open and ready for a fun night out.

Whether you would like to enjoy some popcorn and a movie, go to brunch at the Raleigh or enjoy a drink at the Hightop, the Hippodrome is for you!

Owner, Casey Turner is dealing with multiple different businesses during this pandemic, with each their own guidelines, it's been a battle.

"It's like you're juggling because every one of them has different rules," Turner said.

Nonetheless, she is determined to make sure everything is within cleaning standards to keep customers and employees safe.

With sanitizer stands throughout the building they also go through a cleaning checklist morning, noon and night.

"We were having carpets cleaned and sanitized, we were ya know vacuuming the walls down in the black box theaters," Turner said.

Although cleaning is not the hard part, Turner says it's getting people excited for the feature films that went straight to streaming services, like Trolls World Tour, when we were sheltering in place.

"Right now during movie season which is where they're normally pushing out movies and their big blockbuster movies are normally now so it's kinda throwing a wrench in their plans as well as everyone else's," Turner said.

The movies may already have been released but the Hippodrome is still showing the films because without them they would have no movie to show.

Whether you're looking to head to lunch, have a drink or see a movie the Hippodrome wants you to know you're safe doing so.

"I think people are still pretty worried about coming out but honestly I'm not worried about coming here because I know this is the cleanest place in town now because that's all we've been doing so it's clean," Turner said.

For details on showtimes as well as hours for the Hightop and the Raleigh visit theirwebsite.

You can also visit their Facebookpage for the latest updates.