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Skate Waco Bellmead to open after 3 month closure due to the pandemic

Posted at 6:45 AM, Jun 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-02 07:55:25-04

BELLMEAD, TX — For 27 years Skate Waco has been a place for families and friends to create memories while enjoying a great time in the roller rink.

Due to Covid-19, they had to close their doors and three months later they are finally able to reopen.

"I'm so excited!! I'm so excited I'm super tired," General Manager, Gypsy Lucas said. "I'm really nervous. I hope we have our maximum of 100 people but if we have five people show up day one I'm going to be ecstatic"

Skate Waco in Bellmead officially opens back up starting Tuesday, June 2. They are open with their first skating session from 1 to 4 p.m.

Gypsy Lucas, grew up in the rink and she has always loved the joy that skating brings her. It was hard to close the doors especially for the owner, Charlie Lucas.

"That's what hurt me worse than anything else when we had to close in March I believe and just walk out," Lucas said.

Lucas was most concerned for his family and employees that would be out of work for the time being.

Now that they are able to reopen, they are implementing some new cleaning procedures to help keep everyone safe.

"The DJ is going to make a big noise and all of our staff are going to take a moment, sanitize do a little surface area cleaning and then go back to their station," Gypsy Lucas said.

They also have an employee dedicated to cleaning during the entire three to four-hour sessions that Skate Waco offers.

The Waco location isn't scheduled to reopen until June 16th.

Skate Waco is only allowing a 100 person maximum capacity at the moment. Once they reach that 100 mark they will not allow any more walk-ups for the day.

Although Skate Waco Bellmead opened today they are having a grand opening extravaganza on June 13th.

For information on their current hours and session times visit theirwebsite.