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New family-run dairy, cruelty-free cookie company comes to Temple

Posted at 1:44 PM, Oct 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-09 14:44:47-04

TEMPLE, TX — A new cookie store is serving unique, out of this world creations in Temple! After opening on Oct. 1, 'Sweet Enough Cookies' is taking orders right and left!

"We've been pretty busy, and it was kind of shocking," said Joey Jaeger, one half of the husband and wife duo behind 'Sweet Enough Cookies'.

Tori and Joey Jaeger explained that the idea behind their new company grew out of their love of sweets and plant-based diets.

"We've been plant-based for almost two years now, and we noticed in Temple there really wasn't a market for animal-free treats...anytime we'd want to go get a treat, we'd have to break our animal-free diet. If we wanted to get a cupcake or cookie or something...so we started to figure out what we could do with cookies," said Joey.

"Having a sweet tooth is a passion of hers," said Joey pointing at Tori as the couple laughed.

The couple moved to Temple years ago as Tori Jaeger completed first her residency and now a fellowship with Baylor Scott and White.

"Just being in Temple, I was like, well I really like baking, you stay at home and I have a giant sweet tooth so lets combined this all together," said Tori.

"I was like 'we can do this' so in the last couple of months we've got everything going and all of the pieces put together so now we can start selling cookies," said Tori.

Sweet Enough Cookies prides themselves on making massive, unique, one of a kind creations that are entirely dairy and cruelty-free. Each month the couple creates specialty cookies, like October's Zombie Apocalypse and the Monster Mashup. The team also has chocolate chip cookies at all times for people craving something classic.

Most exciting is what they plan next, "we'd really like to do is get involved with other businesses in Temple and work with other established businesses downtown," said Tori.

Constantly whipping up sweet treats, their team says their taking orders by phone at 208-371-9717 and over Instagram @SWEETENOUGHCOOKIES.