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Hallmark Restaurant thanks the community for keeping them open

Hallmark Restaurant
Posted at 8:36 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-06 09:57:29-04

KILLEEN, TX — Hallmark Restaurant in Killeen is a place where anyone and everyone is welcome.

Manager Courtney Greene has worked there for 13 years and couldn't imagine herself anywhere else.

"Hallmark Restaurant is a place you come when you don't want to be in that stuffy environment. You have people you can come in and have simple conversation with," she said.

Not only her, but prep cook Ronald Steadman has also been working at Hallmark for sometime. He appreciates his job even with the restrictions and face mask guidelines.

"You can come in, we're very clean. Everyone wears masks. We got the booths blocked off," Steadman said.

The employees at Hallmark are more than thankful for their customers, especially returning ones like Anderson Flynn.

"It's really important for everyone to come out and help keep people employed and help keep our economy going," Flynn said.

Without those customers Hallmark wouldn't even be able to stay open daily.

"Our frequent customers, seeing us from sun up till sun down when we were here, it would of hit us a lot harder than what we had," Greene said.

Everyone can agree when you visit Hallmark, it feels like family.

"I've built relationship with the servers over the years, so it's a really good thing for us," Flynn said.

You can follow Hallmark Restaurant on their Facebook page for their most recent menu items and hours.