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Ditzy D's Sweets and Treats offers chocolate dipped treats in Gatesville

Posted at 10:15 AM, Jan 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-12 11:15:48-05

GATESVILLE, TX — With everything chocolate, Ditzy D's Sweets and Treats in Gatesville has a little something for everyone.

"Everything from cake pops to pretzels, the cocoa bombs that everybody's raving about and then just recently started doing some fudge which has really taken off as well," Danyelle Suniga explains.

The owner of the store you'll find inside Baker's Market had been doing chocolate dipped treats under Texas Cottage Food Law but decided she wanted a space where she could be set up full time.

"So, a couple of other girls who also baked cottage foods agreed to do that as well and then we had extra space so we brought in a few more vendors to help fill it up," said Suniga.

Just shortly after opening in December of 2019, the pandemic hit, leaving Suniga worried about what was next for her business.

"It was really scary, honestly just being so fresh, and new, wasn't sure if that was going to be something that completely sunk us," said Suniga.

She switched over to curbside pickup and online orders. With the support she received from the community, her business started booming.

"The community here was so supportive and so great. I mean there was people going around buying gift certificates from all the local businesses just to keep them afloat so they'd have money coming in through this," Suniga shared.

A year after opening, Suniga says she's glad it worked the way it did and knowing that the community is here to support her, leaves hope for what the future holds.

"I would love to be able to expand the food areas and possibly to take on that commercial level so that we can offer even more."

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