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Clay Pot is going above and beyond with precautions to keep you and employees safe

Posted at 9:45 AM, Jul 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-12 15:23:23-04

WACO, TX — Clay Pot in Waco is one of the many restaurants struggling to stay open through a pandemic.

Owner Thanh Le is happy to see those who dine in and is equally grateful for the to-go orders as well.

"Of course there's not a lot of orders to keep them working too much at least help is better than nothing," Le said.

The employees are wearing a mask, writing down the names of those who do dine-in and taking your temperature at the door to ensure safety.

The highest your temperature can be is 99 degrees.

They understand as it gets hotter outside the first go-around may be a bit high so they'll have you wait off to the side before trying again.

"People have to walk from the car to the door and I can understand that," Le said.

Server, Miller Jarrell, is happy with the rules put in place by his bosses. "I really think precaution is the best call," Jarrell said.

Keeping up with a job during the pandemic can be difficult and for Jarrell, he relies on his tips to get by.

"I was wondering if people were going to come and we were going to make alright money being servers but so far things have been pretty good," Jarrell said.

Appreciative of those who stop by for dine-in or order to-go don't forget as cases rise business are put under more restrictions and they need all the help they can get.

You can follow Clay Pot on Facebook for their updated menu, specials and hours. Their dining room is currently closed, but they are still available for curbside service or delivery.