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China Spring brothers start their own business while social distancing at home

Posted at 12:08 PM, Apr 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-20 19:35:31-04

CHINA SPRING, TX — Some kids are using their time away from school to start a new business.

"This is Caiden. He's 6. Say hi Caiden. And this is Gregory, he's 8." said Mom Sthefanie Welch.

The Welch brothers are following in their mom Sthefanie's footsteps, who owns The Black Daisy Boutique in China Spring.

"We're so grateful for how people are rallying around the kids and college is expensive so we thought why not start now," said Sthefanie.

And the name "The Rad Penguins?"

"I came up with it, when I had the store idea. Cuz I like penguins. They're rad," said Gregory.

The boys have creative control over designs and more. Starting the business has been a true learning experience.

"Something cool about Gregory is he's dyslexic. This has been fun for us also because he will tell me what he wants on the shirts and we'll have him spell it back to us and it's helping him out a little bit," said Sthefanie.

Their online store at www.theradpenguins.com is open and the shirts are selling fast.

Already having a virtual footprint is helping Sthefanie's store thrive too.

"I am honestly just so grateful for The Black Daisy customers. I was devastated when I closed my doors on March 17th. I didn't know if we would make it out on the other side and with a lot of faith and great customers we are pushing through," she said.

Once The Black Daisy reopens, there will be a dedicated section in the store for Rad Penguins merchandise and as the boys grow, Sthefanie hopes the brand will too.

"We never shut down their dreams. Whatever they say they want to do we are all for," she said.

The money will go into a college fund and possibly some ice cream.

They use a Central Texas screen printer, Two and One Designs so they're supporting another local businesses with their merchandise.

Rad Penguin
Rad Penguin