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Bush's Chicken strives for the best and easiest drive-thru experience for their customers

Posted at 11:05 AM, May 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-19 19:57:05-04

WACO, TX — Bush's Chicken started as an idea decades ago.

In 1996, Keith Bush founded their first restaurant right outside Waco.

"This is where we live and Waco is the best market for chicken," Bush said.

He's continued to love his business, chicken and employee, but most importantly the customers.

Bush has been an advocate for supporting the community and giving back.

He decided to franchise his business so many more could support this same idea.

"They [franchised owners] pay back into the community I mean most of our owners put back at least 25% of their profit into the community that they're in," Bush said

Although times haven't been the easiest, they're grateful for the immaculate drive-thru experience they had before the pandemic hit Central Texas.

Annette Elliott, a manager in franchise development, has worked with each store to make sure they're doing okay.

The trend she sees that's being hit the most is product shortages.

"The biggest things is our products, we've had shortages in certain and had to pivot to a different product and make some changes as those changes are given to us," Elliott said.

We've all had to make changes, but one thing that hasn't changed is you won't be waiting long for your chicken with their multi-lined drive-thru.

"We have 3,4, 10 people out on drive-thru now so we're waiting on 10 times as many people an hour," Bush said.

Tender Tuesday is their biggest day, for a great price you can get 16 tenders, 4 rolls and a family size gravy.

To celebrate their many years, and to honor Bush's late wife, they have created a new sauce called Bush Baby sauce.

It's no extra cost to you, but sure to make your chicken even better.

"We named it after my wife, the nickname I gave her was Bush Baby, so that's why we named the sauce that," Bush said.

For more updates on restaurants follow Bush's Chicken on their Facebook page. You can also find more information and a restaurant closest to you on their website.