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Barnard Beef Cattle Company adopts 60 seniors despite own business struggles

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Posted at 3:59 PM, May 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-05 07:52:56-04

OGLESBY, TX — The Barnard Cattle Company has struggled just like any business during the pandemic.

Owner Blayr Barnard says she's seen the market for beef drop 30%.

"Agriculture has been hit in the local pandemic, we've been selling freezer beef to people at cost." Barnard said.

Even through their own business struggles, they chose to adopt 60 high school seniors from Crawford and Oglesby ISD.

"They're not getting their senior parties or their graduations and that's gotta be, even their prom was canceled, that's gotta be terribly sad for them," Blayr said.

Using the land from their cattle ranch, they decided to throw a socially distanced party.

They provided pizza, cookies, fireworks and a good time for the Barnard Senior Bash.

Once Barnard put out the call for help to put the party on, neighbors decided to pitch in.

They provided goodies and made sure the fireworks were all set for the big night.

Oglesby senior, Cheyanne Ewing, was heartbroken when she found out she wouldn't be making the same high school memories.

"I cried, because I didn't get to do everything that everybody else does," Ewing said.

Instead, they were making unique memories that they'll share for a lifetime.

"Well I think it'll be fun because today was supposed to be our prom so like this is a different thing besides prom so it's better," Ewing said.

The seniors were parked in socially distanced spaces.

The Barnard family blocked off parking spaces 50 feet from each other so the seniors could be with their families but still talk with their friends.

Crawford senior, Karson Green hasn't seen his friends in two months and it excited him to catch up on the time lost.

"I was excited about it because I get to see my friends and I'm excited for the food," Green said.

Like many, he's learned to adapt to his new lifestyle.

"How to handle adversity kind of, it's just different from normal day to day life and going through that," Green said.

Barnard Beef even went the extra mile gifting four seniors 50 pounds of beef as a congratulations for rolling with the punches.

For over 100 years the Barnard family has produced quality beef to Central Texans and Blayr is taking the heart they have for beef into the community.

"We have a family motto called obsessively grateful, and so we try to be grateful for everything we get and share blessings when they can," Barnard said.

They adopted 60 seniors and fed more than 150 of those these seniors during the Barnard Senior Bash.

"We want them to be successful and to be happy in their future really goes a long way," Barnard said.

To learn more about the Barnard Beef Cattle Company visit their Facebook page.