Where and when political money came to the campaign, and where Central Texas has begun turning blue

Posted at 12:42 PM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-03 19:56:43-05

BELL COUNTY, TX — A 25 News investigation into campaign spending revealed, more money this year coming from smaller donors, and more women getting involved.
But where? What part of the country, and what parts of Texas have given the most, especially against the political mainstream?
Statistics show when the money started pouring in, from where, and what Central Texas neighborhoods have sharted shifting to the left.
Chuck Schober of Temple says, he might just have a solution to the problem of campaign spending, some believe has gotten out of hand.
"A one size fits all in this five minute conversation between you and me on the street, would be some sort of a limit," he said.
Presidential and Congressional Politicians may well shell out 14 billion dollars this year to fund their campaigns, the most ever.
In the big presidential race, data from the Federal Election Commission and compiled by the New York Times, shows wealthier candidates slightly favoring Biden over Trump.
When you look at education levels, the the numbers favor Biden.
Maps show where political money came from, month-to-month, from April, on.
Dallas and Miami led the pack with big money for President Trump.
In May the Democrats start trying to catch up.
June, Houston, Midland and Tampa join the fray, on the right while Santa Fe and even Jackson Hole, both known for celebrities, kick in to the left.
July... now it's a fight, with Austin, Chicago, Wichita and Lincoln funnel money to the right and left.
By August, Minneapolis, the Los Angeles Suburbs and others have joined a very active donation map.
And in September you can see more donors, putting their money where their mouth is.
"They have been willing to open up their wallets to help candidates get elected who reflect their values," said Chris Kelley Rosenberg of the Bell County Democrats.
And in Reliably Red Texas, little holes of blue start popping up in our neck of the woods.
Two Brazos Valley zip codes shelled out for Biden in both Bryan and College Station.
In Waco, the Richland Hills area, and points across the Brazos River, pull to Biden.
South Killeen shows up the bluest in Central Texas in two adjacent zip codes.
and a nearby zip splits almost 50/50.
The trends don't really say much about the amount of money... just where it comes from.
Still, Chuck Schober, says, why can't politicians play by the same rules we do?
"If the principles of our constitution are being trampled on by just exorbitant amounts of money being spent. I mean, the mean here is a budget, stick with the average American six with a budget. I can't go to the grocery store and buy whatever I want, despite me wanting to right?" he asked.
Because he, and other voters say, they want to hear from politicians with good ideas, not just the ones with good bank accounts.