Week of service aims to end human trafficking in Waco

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jan 18, 2023

WACO, Texas — Many Baylor students are teaming up with Unbound Waco to assist in efforts to stop human trafficking.

Cate Urbani says the MLK week of service project “fighting against human trafficking” is about inspiring others to help raise awareness and try to end it.

Identifying what human trafficking looks like can be a challenge. It’s a challenge that Urbani knew she had to take on, after seeing shocking stats like 90 percent of trafficked victims know the person taking advantage of them.

Urbani put together a full week of service collecting items like blankets, toiletries and clothing to put in a survivor kit for victims getting help from Unbound Waco.

“A good way to help support people coming out of trafficking is to collect items because a lot of them don’t have stuff — and so Unbound Waco provides like survivor care kits,” Urbani said.

Urbani says she wants more people to know the signs.

“I guess understand trafficking — and that they can be a voice and like make an effort to be a part of the stop,” Urbani said.

It’s a collective effort that hopefully makes a dent in a very real threat to young men and women.

Baylor Missions will hold a trafficking education event on March 15 for students to get a better picture of what human trafficking looks like.