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Viral TikTok changes two lives for the better, touches the hearts of millions

"Don’t underestimate the power of just kindness."
Posted at 6:25 AM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-05 15:43:40-05

WACO, TX — Clint and his service dog, Lucas, would sit at a Waco Chick-fil-a with a sign that reads “WAR VETERAN- anything helps.”

For years, Daniel Merry would drive past Clint, never giving him a second thought until one morning when he decided the least he could do was to get Clint breakfast, or so he thought.

Instead of giving Clint a warm meal, Daniel accidentally gave him an entire bag of sauce.

"The first TikTok I posted that kind of started it all was just me saying you know of course I try to do something nice and I still mess that up even. The original intent there was to make people laugh and remind them that none of us are perfect." Said TikToker, Daniel Merry.

Once Daniel realized what happened, he knew he had to go back and make it right. He knew that an apology and Chick-Fil-A wouldn’t be enough. So, he did some research on what items could help Clint the most.

When Daniel went to go apologize, Clint told him it's ok, because he isn't worried about his next meal, or even if he has a permanent roof over his head. What he really wanted was a picture with his dog in case anything happens to him.

Posting this all on TikTok, Daniel got millions of views, and hundreds of people started reaching out, wanting to know how they could help Clint.

"Originally when I sat down with Clint I just asked him honestly. I was like man I don’t want to make this about numbers but if you had to come up with one, what do you think it would take to get you off the street and start your business? One of his life goals has been to start a flag business. And so he just gave me the number 5,000 so I just knew I had to do so much more than that," said Daniel.

The original goal of $5,000 was passed, and now Daniel’s new goal is to raise enough to get Clint permanently off the streets, help pay for his day to day needs, along with helping him start the flag business he’s been dreaming about for years.

"His story is touching and at this point, he’s never going to have to sit on that curb again," said Daniel.

What started as an accident has brought two strangers together, and is changing both of their lives forever.

"Every time I’m with him he says one thing that just rips my heart out and just makes me in awe of him. The other day he said to me my home is your home now and he kind of stopped and look and he was like I’ve never been able to say that before," said Daniel

If you would like to help Clint, click here for his GoFundMe