U.S. Army replacing the trusty Humvee

Posted at 7:31 PM, Mar 02, 2022

FORT HOOD, Texas — Troops at Fort Hood are trading in their trusty Humvees for new state-of-the art vehicles.

For decades, the U.S Army has pushed the Humvee to the limit.

Now, those very same Humvees are heading to the museum.

”We are using the American tax dollars very effectively," said CPT. Tyler Stankye with 1st Cavalry Division’s IronHorse Brigade. "We are improving our ability to do what America needs us to do abroad and at home.”

The Humvee is being replaced with the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. Not only is the JLTV intimidating to see rolling into battle, it is equipped with the most advanced technology in the world.

”An upgraded communications package," Stankye said. "The CBRN JLTV’s have chemical detection stuff built into it. Then the, we call them gun trucks, have the gun ring mounted on top and can be controlled from the inside.”

Interior controls provide even more protection than just the heavily armored exterior.

But wait there’s more — it has cup holders.

”That bottle that I carry around in my hand I can just be able to keep in a cup holder," said sSPC Eddie Stafford. "You know, those modern things that they added thought about us and being mission ready.”

Soldiers and their drinks sit safely inside while the JLTV is able to go places a standard Humvee could only dream of.

”These come with an air shock suspension system which allows you to raise and lower so it can handle different types of terrain more effectively than the Humvee can and it’s less prone to breaking down when you’re in some more complicated terrain," Stankye said.

Above all else, the JTLV will help bring our heroes home safe.

”I feel totally safe in them," Stafford said. "Just the first time I looked in them I was just assured that yes, this is what we needed.”

Not only is the JLTV the most advanced and modern vehicle of its kind, it’s also the most lethal.

Keeping the United States Army — at its best.