Tru Jamaica's Road to Rebuilding after electrical fire

Posted at 5:05 PM, Dec 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-14 23:12:50-05

WACO, Texas — Less than a week ago, a horrific fire closed Tru Jamaica in Waco.

According to the owners, the fire resulted about midnight from an electrical wire and began to smolder inside for a few hours, melting everything in its path. A neighbor called the Waco Fire Department.

Once the owners arrived after 1 a.m., they witnessed what they could have never imagined.

"The whole kitchen is a total loss," said Aniceto Charles Jr., co-owner of Tru Jamaica.

The owners expect the damages to add up to roughly $200,000, as they await he final estimate from an adjuster.

"When I saw through the back doors, how the kitchen looks so black, I kind of teared up, I did," said Vivia Charles, co-owner of Tru Jamaica. "I usually try not to build pictures in my mind of horrible things. But it is a reality that we are on a new journey, and we have to restart."

Until then, what is on their hearts and their minds are the workers that they had to let go during the holidays. They are now asking for the community's help to continue to support their employees during these hard times.

Aniceto Charles Jr. remains optimistic as they begin their new journey.

"We are deep in our faith, and we understand that things do not happen overnight. We are going to rebuild, and we are going to be back bigger than ever."

If you would like to help Tru Jamaica, you can visit their website here.